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Demeter Incense

Nepali Garden Demeter and organic incense mixtures contain valuable ingredients and medicinal plants from controlled Demeter cultivation in Nepal. In addition, raw materials from controlled wild collections are used in the mixtures which we receive from the Chepang tribe, a former forest nomadic people, who have been forced to settle and live in great poverty. In their role as an important supplier of raw materials for Nepali Gardens, the Chepangs have been able to improve their difficult living conditions. In addition, Abiding Heart uses 100% of the proceeds from this sale to support its education activities in Nepal and elsewhere. 


We are sustainability oriented, engaging in Fair Trade. 

Nepali Gardens incense sticks have a long burning time of 40 minutes and allow for a pure natural fragrance experience arising from the special characteristics of the Demeter/organic herbs and resins used. This is not as is often the case with conventional incense - falsified by the addition of chemical-synthetic substances. 


Our sustainable incense sticks are available in 8 different fragrances: 

Angel series (Demeter quality) 

Guardian Angel - Embraced by Heaven 

Buddha's Blessing - The Scent of Fulfillment 

Divine Union - being ONE with ALL 

Cosmic Dance - Endless Clarity 

Elves Series (Organic quality) 

Magic of Love - The sweetest gift 

Fairy Tale - Mind is free and endless 

Ascension - Freedom by letting go 

Spirit of Yoga - simply present

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