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Artist: Sdarshan Suwal 

Size: 29x42cm

Medium: Natural miniral pigments on cotton canvas

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According to legend, it is proven that where Nepal now is, there once was a blue lake surrounded by snow-clad mountains. They were the sitting of its waters. No man could approach this lake. A Buddha (Vispaswi Thathagata) of a former eon, in his supreme knowledge and foreseeing the future destination of Nepal, went on a pilgrimage to the lake and threw a lotus seed into its waters. A miraculous lotus arose and bloomed in the middle of the lake. A flame, purer and more splendid than the rays of the sun shot up from its centre. This is how the Adi-Buddha, the Budha from before all time, the self-existing one, was manifested directly in his essence.Eons passed. The Buddha of each eon visited the lake. The Buddha of the third eon prophesied that a Bodhisattva would come and cause land to appear above the waters. Bodhisattva Manjushri, in the perfection of his wisdom, knew that Deity had spontaneously manifested on the waters of the lake. Manjushri left his home in faraway China (Tibet), behind seven walls. From the north-east they entered the mountains around the lake and with his sword, “Moon smile”, he cut through the mountains. He cleft the rock and the imprisoned waters of the lake rushed through the gorge into the plains of India. This is how the river Bagmati came to be, and the road to India through the Pharping gorge in the Mahabharat range.In this way, pupils have agreed with these concepts to prove the legend of established Nepal.

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