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Paubha Art

Paubha paintings are an important part of the Newari Buddhist community in Kathmandu. Thangkha paintings have developed out of Paubha style as many Newari artists journeyed to Tibet with their Buddhist art and crafts skills to support the monasteries' interior, a tradition that exist till this day.

Original Paubha Paintings
Master Painter: Sudharshan Suwal

Shakyamuni Buddha

Shakyamuni Buddha Size: 29x42cm

Amitav Buddha

Amitabha Buddha Size: 29x42cm

Sapta Lochan White Tara

Sapta Lochan White Tara Size: 42x54cm


Vajrasattva Size: 29x42cm

Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha Size: 29x42cm


Avalokiteshvara Size: 29x42cm


Manjushree Size: 29x42cm


Vajrapani Size: 29x42cm

Amoghasiddhi Buddha

Amoghasiddhi Buddha Size: 43x53cm

Hey Bajra

Hey Bajra Size: 54x68cm

21 Tara

21 Tara Size: 56x79cm

Megh Sambara

Megh Sambara Size: 48x57cm

Chandra Mandala

Chandra Mandala Size: 55x39cm


Mahakala Size: 42x54cm

Heruku Sambar

Heruku Sambar Size: 58x72cm

Ratnasambhava Buddha

Ratnasambhava Buddha Size: 43x53cm

Surya Mandala

Surya Mandala Size: 59x94cm

Bajra Barahi

Bajra Barahi Size: 46x46cm

Shree Yantra

Shree Yantra Size: 80x80cm

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