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Advisory Services 


Abiding Heart offers a consultancy and mentoring service to teachers, parents and those who homeschool and schools all over the world. This includes state homeschools, schools, independent schools, contemplative based schools, secular and faith based schools, holistic centres, and education and children based NGOs and INGO’s, who are interested in setting up a contemplative based school or transforming their school into a contemplative based school using the Abiding Heart Education™️ approach. 

Implementing Abiding Heart Education™️ in Schools

Abiding Heart Education prepares schools’ staff with the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding of our experiential contemplative kindergarten and primary education, and also provide training in caring for and supporting children’s wellbeing. 

We partner with schools who implement the Abiding Heart approach and curriculum. Our approach is based on contemplative traditions rooted in ancient wisdom, meditation and application in everyday experience fused with universal values, the Waldorf education framework and our transformational and experiential approach to education. 

At the same time, we support schools to meet their country’s national curriculum guidelines to ensure that the children’s education prepares them for living and working when they become adult. 


Abiding Heart’s vision in supporting schools is to provide an education that integrates interdependence and compassion into every aspect of learning  and teaching. In this way, students and teachers develop wisdom and compassion as they learn. Our vision for schools is for their children to be understood as whole beings from birth, and each phase of their development is recognised and nurtured while allowing for individual differences. The children are immersed in our view of seeing each child as a unique individual and treating children with respect and deep care. The children are engaged in caring for others and for nature through socially and  environmentally friendly activities. Children with learning difficulties receive support and love from the school community and the space to develop their own unique areas of talent thus giving them the confidence they will need to engage in society. Graduates of the school are seen to be responsible and resilient. They are creative, curious, confident, cooperative, committed, and socially aware. Teachers perceive their students as equal and unique individuals and they are caring and  respectful towards them. They respect children’s opinions and cultivate a culture of  attentive and active listening towards children. We believe in nurturing an open and safe  environment that encourages students to thrive emotionally, ask questions and think  critically about anything they learn. 


This service is available for those schools and education establishments who are planning to send their teachers for our Kindergarten and Primary training courses in the Abiding Heart Education approach. While this service is separate from the teacher training courses it goes hand in hand for those communities who need guidance in how to turn a vision for a contemplative based school into a reality, from: the planning and design stage, to implementation, to making the Abiding Heart Education curriculum work for the school and the community’s own specific needs, to assessment and monitoring as the last phase of the consultancy and mentoring service.

To enquire about our advisory and mentoring service please contact:

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