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Dr. Meyrav Mor

Meyrav is a trained Waldorf kindergarten/primary teacher (1996 Waldorf Institute of Southern California) and completed an additional Waldorf primary teacher training with a focus on teaching additional languages (2004 Antioch New England Graduate School, USA). 

Meyrav completed her postgraduate in teaching early elementary education at the University of Brighton, UK. She has a Master of Education degree from Antioch New England Graduate School (2004). Meyrav received her Ph.D. (2017) from Bath University in the UK. Her doctorate studies focused on designing a transformative education and curriculum model for traditional communities that keep them connected to their spiritual heritage, natural environment and cultural knowledge.

Between 1996 – 2015, Meyrav set up the first two Waldorf schools in Nepal and two kindergartens in England. In the UK Meyrav has taught kindergarten, primary and children with additional needs. For the past 25 years Meyrav has been training kindergarten and primary school teachers in Nepal, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and the UK. At the same time, Meyrav has been developing curricula that cater to the heritage of communities around the world by interweaving transformative and experiential learning with culture and spirituality. 

Since 2016 Meyrav’s sole focus has been on bringing together her wealth of knowledge and expertise to develop the Abiding Heart Transformative Experiential Buddhist Education approach for kindergarten through to class 8. This education approach, which includes curriculum design and content, and teacher training courses, can be used by Buddhist and non-Buddhist communities around the world. 

Jane Horrel

Jane has a BA degree in Drama from Bretton Hall College, where she specialised in theatre design and production, and a PGCE in Primary Education from Kingston University. She currently works part-time in Communications in the Higher Education sector. Jane lives in Sussex and in her free time is active in school fundraising and is Chair of a community theatre group. 

Marianna Bauko 


Marianna Bauko has been a Eurythmy (a meditative form of movement) therapist and teacher for the past twenty five years. She completed a four-year Steiner/Waldorf teacher training in Hungary and then continued to be trained as a Eurythmy pedagogical teacher. After several years of teaching in Budapest, Marianna  trained in Eurythmy therapy in Dornach, Switzerland. 

As a therapist, Marianna worked in South Africa, Hungary, Switzerland and Scotland with children and adults with special needs and in an anthroposophical hospital with seriously ill patients. Currently, Marianna is working as a Eurythmy teacher and as a therapist in the Edinburgh Steiner School with children from kindergarten through to high school. Her therapeutic work focuses on helping children in their learning using mindfulness, movement, speech, and music. Marianna's therapeutic work supports children to be able to reach their potential in a healthy way, working with their constitution, with illnesses, unbalances, mental and emotional difficulties, and learning hindrances through the art of this meditative form of movement, Eurythmy.

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