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The Four Pillars of Abiding Heart’s Teacher Education 

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The Components of the Four Pillars of Abiding Heart’s Teacher Education  
Learning to be:

Experiential Contemplative Foundation studies;  • Contemplative Philosophy and Path: View, meditation, application/conduct • Human Development from Contemplative, Steiner and developmental science perspectives • Teacher Inner Development • Teacher Student Relationship

Learning to know:

Abiding Heart Learning Approach as a fusion of: • Child Development from developmental science, psychology, neuroscience and paediatric perspectives together with Steiner’s holistic child development to bring a heuristic understanding of Contemplative psychology from birth to adulthood and to next re-birth.  • Learning theories and approaches from Contemplative, Steinerian and other contemporary learning methodologies.

Learning to learn:

Abiding Heart’s: • Experiential Kindergarten Curriculum  • Experiential Primary Curriculum • Experiential High School Curriculum

Learning to live together:

• Artistic disciplines: ° Visual arts ° Performing arts ° Contemplative arts • Professional, organisational and social aspects of being an Abiding Heart teachers: ° School organisation and management ° Admissions process ° Working with parents ° Building a sense of community ° Child welfare and protection

Learning to do:

• Craft: ° Textile craft and handwork ° Woodwork ° Metal work  ° Stone carving  ° Heritage craft ° Contemplative craft  ° Landcraft • Teaching placement in a school


Highly trained Abiding Heart kindergarten, primary and high school teachers.


Healthy Self and Full Transformation

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Meditation and Contemplative Kindergarten Teaching Diploma Course


Meditation and Contemplative Primary to Early Secondary (age 6 to 14)Teaching Diploma Course


Renewal Courses

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