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Infinite Wanderers
In Search of the Seat of the Heart Retreat

Date: 30 December 2024 to 6 January 2025

Format: In-person

Location: Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

Fee: £1,350*


In this retreat, we bring together Steiner’s seven planetary seals and their contemplations together with Buddhist cosmology and awareness and mindfulness meditation. We study the seals to understand the dynamics of metamorphosis, the development of meta awareness, and the opening process of mind consciousnesses.

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We engage with the seals as an experience of metamorphosis of form and the inner journey of awakening. We do this through:

  • Understanding the Buddhist view of cosmology, and Steiner’s explanation on evolution of consciousness

  • Abhidharma (Buddhist psychology), and Steinerian view on metamorphosis of our inner faculties

  • Contemplating and meditating using both awareness and insight meditation practices

  • Integrating by letting the heart and mind rest as we engage in artistic experiences of painting the seals using paubha art and listening to the sounds of the planets through singing bowls with the same frequency as these seven planets.

*The fee includes: Room (on sharing basis) and half board (breakfast and lunch) for 13 nights from 24 December; arts supplies; pilgrimages to Buddhist Kathmandu. Please ask about availability of single room accommodation for additional cost.

The fee does not include: international flights; transport in Nepal; evening meals; travel insurance.

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