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Module 6.2

Prenatal Development from conception to the moment of birth  


Module details

Lecturers: Dr Tawni Tidwall

Dates: 25 - 24 March 2024 (2024 - 2025 intake)

Duration: 2 days (9 hours and 50 mins)

Time: 4:45pm - 9:40pm Nepal time

Format: Live streaming

Module description

In the previous modules we studied the bardo of living, the time from birth to the end of life and the bardos of death. In this module we continue our study of human development focusing on the prenatal phase of the bardo of life. Prenatal development, the period from conception to birth, is studied here from physiological, epigenetic, psychological and Steinerian perspectives. From the contemplative science perspective we will receive an explanation on the contemplative traditions prenatal development as taught in Nanda’s Sutra and the Kalachakra Tantra.

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